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WebTerrier can be used by any commercial property agency firm who are looking for an easy to use tool to track their inhouse work and clients. As a surveyor enters and monitors and their jobs, all the property data is added to your comps database so it’s there for the future, both as a valuable evidence repository but also a future work generator. And you can always see who’s working for whom, and what kind of work they’re doing - and when those all important fees might be due.

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Will Harris, Colliers International
Innovation Lead

BOE's strength comes from a deep understanding of real estate across the sectors which brings them into the room as real estate experts as well as first class database and systems developers. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Peter Leverett, Managing Director
SPACE Retail Property Consultants

WebTerrier has given us a real edge in these challenging times, allowing us to efficiently manage our own client data and work instructions whilst offering our retained clients an attractive, easy to use online portal to access all of their key property information we manage on their behalf.


Leverage your firm’s knowledge by storing all the details on any property transaction you’ve been involved with - lettings, rent reviews, regears or disposals. Using our lightweight “quick entry” data screen you can add a record in less than a minute, and then WebTerrier will build all the associated search information for you. You can search the generated diary of events for future business opportunities (“show me all rent reviews coming up in the next 6-12 months”) or build an evidence schedule from the historical data. You can also add documents, photos and extensive notes to give an even more detailed record.

For Retail Surveyors, WebTerrier is the only web-based system that offers a complete rental valuation tool, letting you break down and analyse retail space.

Client Portals

Ideal for any situation where you have an ongoing relationship with a commercial property landlord or occupier, you can manage your client’s data for them using our unique client portal approach. This allows you to partition your database by client, storing all of their data for them and then sharing access. Portals can be branded and customised as needed - so a landlord client and a tenant client can have completely different visuals and functionality.

Job Tracking

For fee-based property practices and consultancies, our job tracking module allows you to do detailed monitoring of all your work across the firm. See who’s doing work for whom, what kind of work they’re doing, what the fee is, and when it’s expected. From that you can generate historical and forward-looking reports, slicing the data by job type, client, department or surveyor, giving you a powerful insight into the performance of your business.

Contact Management

You can use WebTerrier as your primary contact management system for all property related contacts. Each property can have key contacts attached – managing agent, letting agent, asset manager, etc – and you can also store contact information for all of your tenants. If you’re worried about the imminent EU GDPR regulations, our forthcoming GDPR activity tab (available Q1 2018) will help you implement and track your compliance activity.

Notes and To Do Lists

Every property, tenancy and event in WT has the ability for you to add multiple date-stamped notes against them. This means it’s easy to capture any thoughts, conversations or small issues thrown up by anything in the portfolio. You can optionally mark notes as “to do” items and assign them to a member of the team for follow-up.

Estate Management

Asset Management throws up a lot of work in addition to leases and critical dates. Our Estate Management module allows tracking of all non-event based issues and activity. So if there are tenant issues, structural problems, repairs, covenant breaches… or just about any other issue you can think of, you can track it from beginning to end, adding time-stamped notes as you go to ensure a detailed audit trail.

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