We've worked with some major occupiers to fine-tune WebTerrier so it perfectly fits their needs. See all of your leases (and any freeholds) in one, joined-up, clear digestable overview, then drill-down to look at the information in more detail.


Bobby Darwen, Superdry
Global Acquisition Manager

WebTerrier has been a big step forward in the management of our Global Store Portfolio. The platform provides a comprehensive real time analysis and makes data points for key stakeholders across the business easily accessible.

James Dallyn, Kingfisher Group
Property & Capital Finance Manager

BOE are a great team to work with, taking time to understand our business needs and working in an agile way to help ensure system connectivity. The property platform has been a real benefit for both operational teams and for Group reporting of leases under IFRS 16.

Louise Jones, JoJo Maman Bebe
Property & Project Manager

Both our inhouse team and our property advisers have quickly become enthusiastic users of WebTerrier; it has proved to be easy to use and combines a clean, clear interface with remarkable flexibility and depth, giving us quick and easy access to information on our portfolio. The fact that it's available from anywhere, at any time, means that we can always access key data or documentation and manage our retail portfolio more effectively.

Neil Hinds, F Hinds Ltd
Property Director

WebTerrier has quickly become an invaluable tool for managing our stores, both freeholds and leaseholds. We have been very impressed by the support we have been given - both in helping us to to migrate across to their platform and subsequently. I think that any occupier would benefit from this system.

Lease Tracking

Our detailed but intuitive interface gives you a complete overview of all your occupational liabilities - from detailed area breakdowns to planning and repair covenants, from L&T 1954 to Turnover rent provisions.

Reports are an essential component of any property system. With WebTerrier you can build and customise your own branded on-screen reports using our powerful, flexible reporting tool, then export them instantly to Excel.

If you want to view the geographical spread of your properties, you can geocode and map your portfolio in seconds.

Critical Date Management

Just one missed notice date, break date, expiry date or review date can cost your company dearly. With WebTerrier, you'll never worry about missing a critical date again - our unique colour coded schedules bring the important dates straight to your attention.

All events can be assigned to a member of your team, or an external agent, and you can track the status of each negotiation from commencement to conclusion.

And to make doubly sure, you can set up automatic email alerts for all your events as well, eg. 6 months before a Rent Review or 12 months before a Lease Expiry date.


Keeping on top of all your compliance obligations can be a daunting task. WT allows you to set up, monitor and report on all of your compliance related activity - from EPCs to Gas Certificates to Health and Safety Training.

Each item can have its own recurring schedule to ensure that at any time you can see what's pending, what's overdue, and where there are issues to be resolved. You can log all of your activity against any entry for a complete audit trail.

You can even set up email reminders for when compliance activity becomes due. WT helps make compliance simple and transparent.

Mobile Apps

Although WebTerrier is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, sometimes you need “offline” access to your data. Our mobile apps give you this, plus they’re designed to work better on the smaller screens typically available on your phone or tablet device. You can securely download a complete subset of data into your device, including all tenancy details, for easy browsing and access when you’re out and about. You can also add notes and “to do” items (see below) as you visit properties, and save them back to the WT database when you’re back in the office.

Notes and To Do Lists

Every property, tenancy and event in WT has the ability for you to add multiple date-stamped notes against them. This means it’s easy to capture any thoughts, conversations or small issues thrown up by anything across your different locations. You can optionally mark notes as “to do” items and assign them to a member of the team for follow-up.


Make the system work for you by customising your home page, focusing on the metrics that matter for your role and responsibilities. Choose from a large library of customisable elements, including multiple charts for properties or landlords by area, rent, value or ERV. Then dig deeper into the data by going to our dashboards page and creating your own charts which can be exported for presentations or other documents.

Document Repository

To ensure your WT database really is your single point of reference for your properties, you can upload photos, plans, pdfs and other documents for all every property in the system. They can be classified (“tagged”) for easy reference and searching. Our users store copies of the lease, side letters, plans, property photos and tenancy schedules. Additionally, any images you upload, whether photos or plans, can be incorporated into your building plan report.

Contact Management

You can use WebTerrier as your primary contact management system for all property related contacts. Each property can have key contacts attached – managing agent, letting agent, asset manager, etc – and you can also store contact information for all of your landlords. If you’re worried about the imminent EU GDPR regulations, our forthcoming GDPR activity tab (available Q1 2018) will help you implement and track your compliance activity.

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